Google Maps Updates Streetview

One of GM’s favorite things is Google Maps’ Streetview. It enables you to explore a city on foot from the comfort of your computer. One drawback to the service is that the photos they use for the service are pretty old. So if you want to, say, see what a new (or even somewhat new) restaurant looks like, chances are all you’ll find is an image of what used to be there.

But for DC’s Streetview, Google has now jumped forward in time. It’s not quite the present, far from it, but it’s better. Specifically it now shows what DC looked like as of the summer of 2011.

How does GM know it was then? Because he remembers them driving by:

There’s GM, out prowling with his camera, captured for posterity by Google (at least till the update the photos again).

It would be great to have a more updated photo, but it takes a long time to go through each frame a blur faces and signs, etc.


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4 responses to “Google Maps Updates Streetview

  1. RobRob

    That’s AWESOME.

  2. Olive

    Thanks for the post. I remember seeing the car drive around one afternoon and just found myself in an updated photo as well. Cool!

  3. Chris

    I looked up my old neighborhood where my college boyfriend lives and there he was, bent over changing a tire, with his pants far too low, if you know what I mean.

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