Photo by Jurg.

Want free room and board in Switzerland for a week this summer? If so, then check out this interesting offer that was published on the Georgetown listserv recently:

A family from Zurich, Switzerland, is looking for a house swap this summer so their children can attend the Arena Stage summer camp at Georgetown Visitation July 21-Aug. 3. You can view their property at
http://www.homeexchange. com. You might need to register, but there is no charge. Type the number 376063 in the search box. Peter, who tells me he is originally from the D.C. area, can be contacted at HouseswapZH@ gmail.com.

You can see details of the property here. It’s an interesting way to save on a European trip (one square in the middle of the time when it is awful to be in DC).

You’d have to trust your house to a stranger. But they’d be trusting their place to you. And remember, they’re Swiss. So they’ll probably leave your house neater than how they found it.


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