Northern Dessert Desert Soon to be Addressed

GM has long documented the various “dessert deserts” that plague Georgetown. There are some stretches of Wisconsin Ave. or M St. that you have to walk up to a block and a half in order to find ice cream, frozen yogurt or other sweets.

GM has focused mostly on central Georgetown when monitoring this situation. Thus he failed to notice that the northern stretch of Wisconsin in Georgetown is utterly bereft of purveyors of frozen and/or chocolated goods.

That situation will finally come to an end soon. A new frozen yogurt store is coming into the space that used to house Miller and Arney antiques. It’s called Sweet Frog.

In all seriousness, upon first consideration this doesn’t seem like a great idea. There just isn’t a ton of foot traffic near this location. But with Jelleff and the Jelleff field so close, this will probably do great business, particularly on the weekend. Plus the new Anna Banana children’s art center is right next door. A post art snack will probably be a popular choice.



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9 responses to “Northern Dessert Desert Soon to be Addressed

  1. Kate Whitmore

    Yet another franchise….

  2. In addition to Jelleff and Anna Banana, there’s also serious foot traffic from Hardy MS and the British School, both only a block or so away. Additionally, it’s probably the closest froyo option for anyone who lives in Burleith. (Although Sweetgreen is not too far up Wisconsin).

    I’m curious what the next concept will be that opens up in the space that was briefly Homemade Pizza Company. It’s a small retail space, but seems like it could work well for the right business idea. I just don’t know what that idea is.

  3. Q St Neighbor

    For those of us who haven’t lived in Georgetown long-term or otherwise aren’t as cued into the location of former (or new) businesses, can you give addresses or intersections with these kinds of updates? I sometimes don’t know how excited to be about the intel (though in this case, not very excited regardless of its location). Thanks!

  4. Topher

    Ah, sorry. It’s at Wisconsin and S.

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  7. cswidmer

    I love Sweet Frog! I used to live in Richmond (where the chain originated) and it used to be my go to dessert spot. Living here, I’ve missed it! Can’t wait for it to open soon. I’d argue they have THE best frozen yogurt!

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