We’re Gonna Need Some Dentists

According to Google, there’s not a single dentist’s office in Georgetown. This might need to change. Why? Because Georgetown is becoming one giant purveyor of sweets.

GM has noted in the past that once the second IceBerry opens up on Wisconsin, the only dessert desert will be filled in. When you’re anywhere on Wisconsin or M, you’ll be no more than a block and a half away from ice cream.

Now GM hears that Pinkberry is coming to Georgetown. This LA-based store was one of the originators of the recent tart frozen yogurt craze (and it sure seems like they could bring a trademark violation case against IceBerry).

Couple the eleven ice cream stores with three cupcake stores and an old fashioned candy store, and the teeth of Georgetown are in a perilous spot. A sweet, sweet perilous spot.



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7 responses to “We’re Gonna Need Some Dentists

  1. Richard

    You left out the chocolate shops! My favorite being J Chocolatier on 33rd Street south of M.

  2. Georgetown used to have a dentist, but he got hooked on the laughing gas. Don’t know what became of him.

  3. Michael Kessler

    J Chocolatier has the best coffee on that end of M street without question (and they have cookies for an afternoon snack!)

  4. Carol Joynt

    Add another sweet shop, Furin’s, which sadly we’ll lose shortly. It’s one we needed to keep.

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  6. Retail Ninja

    Pinkberry on M, next to Pizzeria Paradiso, where Sangaree was…and a Pie Shop potentially coming to 34th and Prospect….

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