Dessert Deserts Reemerging?

Ice Cream-Gelato-Frozen Yogurt in Georgetown

GM has long tracked the pernicious Dessert Deserts that occasionally appear in Georgetown. These are areas where somebody might have to walk up to a whole two blocks to find a frozen treat or other sweet.

As of about a year ago, they were nearly abolished. But with a steady stream of recent bad news, we’ve lost several pillars of our neighborhood’s defense against healthy teeth.

First, it was the closure of the frozen yogurt shop at 30th and M, which was once an Ice Berry but later rebranded as Little Penguin. That happened a while ago, but it was probably easily missed, what with all the other options.

But then sometime before Thanksgiving, the venerable Ben and Jerry’s stopped opening. The stuff is still inside. There are even cookies still on display. But it simply hasn’t opened.

Then Sweet Green stopped serving frozen yogurt with their salad offerings.

And now a “closed for the season” sign at Sweet Frog has been replaced with a “For Lease” sign.

What is happening!? Pretty soon we might have to walk up to three whole blocks to stuff our faces with frozen sugar and butterfat. Is that even legal?!

But seriously, it’s a bummer that Sweet Frog closed. That was a nice option for a post-Jelleff pool snack.



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3 responses to “Dessert Deserts Reemerging?

  1. Ben and Jerry’s is operating on a winter schedule. They are closed on Monday and Tuesdays and open from 12pm – 8pm on Wednesday through Sunday. This didn’t make much sense during the recent mild weather but does during the bitter cold days. Closing at 8 pm also can be related to the slower night traffic M Street experiences due to all the bar/restaurant locations becoming retail spaces.

    The yogurt trend/fad has slowly ended. There have been many yogurt shop closing over the entire metro DC area. Unfortunately, the Sweet Frog was very late on the trend and opened in a very poor location. No dessert option would make it there. There is very little foot traffic, difficult parking, and no night business in that location.

  2. But don’t forget the coming of cream puffs (Beard Papa’s) and what appears to be a multitude of bakeries! The yogurt fad may have ended but I’m sure something will be along soon to fill the gap.

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