Another Big Crop of Local Kids Heading to Hyde

The DCPS annual lottery results were announced last week, and they show that the growing interest of Georgetown families in the Hyde-Addison elementary school continues. As discussed here, Georgetown children who are interested in attending Hyde for pre-K need to go through the lottery (for Kindergarten and above a spot if guaranteed for all neighborhood kids).

Last year Hyde had 19 slots for pre-K (i.e. for the current school year). And 33 Georgetown kids applied for those slots. Next year Hyde is offering 18 slots for pre-K. And a solid 30 Georgetown kids entered the lottery. Thus, at least initially, 12 Georgetown kids are on the wait list for pre-K at Hyde. There’s often a decent amount of movement on the waitlist as some families who won a spot decide to stay at their pre-schools for one more year. So some of those waitlisted kids should get a spot.

Another 130 kids from across the city entered the lottery for a spot at Hyde. This continued interest is a huge testament to the great job Dana Nerenberg and her staff are doing for Hyde’s kids; the word is clearly out.


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2 responses to “Another Big Crop of Local Kids Heading to Hyde

  1. Kate Whitmore

    Kudos to Dana and all the parents who continue to work hard to make Hyde an excellent school. Strong neighborhood involvement is critical for this. Next challenge: making Hardy an equally attractive choice.

  2. Yeah! Love Hyde, both my kids are there. Best school ever. W00t!

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