Czech Yourself

GM was ready to deliver a big scoop about a new restaurant, then he did a little digging and saw that the Georgetowner beat him to it: We’re getting a Czech restaurant. It’ll be called Capitol Prague and it will take over the old Morso space at 3277 M St.

The Georgetowner writes that manager Petra Foist promises “Czech and Slovak cuisine—schnitzel, goulash, braised pork and dumplings—as well as various beers.” GM is particularly interested in that last part. Apparently the restaurant will be the first restaurant to offer Czechvar on tap. For those unfamiliar, Czechvar is the original Budweiser. In fact, in Europe it is sold as Budweiser (and our St. Louis swill is sold as “Bud”). As decided in one of the few cases GM can still remember from law school, Anheuser-Busch successfully kept the Czech brewery from selling its beer here also as Budweiser.

Apparently they want to turn the old Morso Express part of the restaurant into a coffee shop, which is always a welcome addition.

All in all, pretty good news.

The Georgetown also reported some bad news though: J. Chocolatier is closing. The retail space was just too tough to operate in. This will be a loss, particularly on cold winter days when they served some killer hot chocolate.


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  1. Sounds delicious, and I enjoy a nice Czechvay every once in a while.

    Mostly, it will be great to have that restaurant space utilized again. It’s been over 5(?) years since Fettoosh closed, and with the exception of Morso’s brief run, that is such an underused corner.

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