The Morning Metropolitan

Photo by bnewek

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:


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2 responses to “The Morning Metropolitan

  1. Nemo

    I have seen this photo before. Several observations: first, 120 years later, the G-2 Metrobus route seems to follow the same itinerary as the Metropolitan Railway horse car. Second, what appear to be delivery vehicles are taking up all the parking spaces along Wisconsin Avenue — some things never change. Finally, the uphill alignment of the parked delivery vans seems to indicate that traffic may have kept left, rather than right, in those days, as the Brits still do. Does anyone know if this was the case, or if there was ever a conscious decision to move traffic to the right in this country?

  2. Q St Neighbor

    The traffic in motion fits the current convention of driving on the right. I wonder if the carts are parked that way because they’re on a hill? Maybe something to do with the brakes or hitching them back up?

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