Yet Another Cooke’s Row Manse For Sale

3000 block of Q St.


Yet another one of the landmark Cooke’s Row houses is for sale. These houses are a group of seven houses on the north side of Q St. just west of 30th St. They were built in 1868 by Henry Cooke, the first governor of the territory of DC (we were a territory briefly until Cooke’s successor, the infamous Alexander “Boss” Shepard, drove us into bankruptcy with lavish public works projects. We didn’t get home rule back until 1972).

Right now two of the homes are for sale. The first is 3023 Q St., which was occupied by Cooke himself:

These homes are quite large and exquisitely detailed in the then popular Second Empire style (although they also display some elements of Italianate style).

The one drawback to these grand homes is that they don’t have an equally grand backyard:

Check out more photos here. It is listed at a cool $4.995 million (which is oddly up from the initial list price of $4.750 million).

The more recent listing is the house next door, 3021 Q St.:

It’s equally elegant:

Its listing makes a bigger deal over its cupola, and its view, than its neighbor does:

This one is listed for a steal at $4.2 million.

One of the houses a few doors down the block has been on and off the market a couple times in the last year or so, and is probably still informally on the market if the price is right.

If you’re crazy wealthy, you could buy both 3021 and 3023 Q St. and merge the homes into a straight up mansion. Now’s the time to act moneybags!

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