Little Folks School Moving to Q St.



Last week, the Georgetown Current reported that the French Maternal School (which is located in the Georgetown Presbyterian Church) will be expanding its space to what is currently the Little Folks School space on N St. (just west of the UPS store). The Current, however, had no information about what was going to happen with Little Folks School. So GM asked around and found out that it is moving up to 3247 Q St., where Dodge Chrome used to be.

The space has a lot of potential for a nursery school. It’s much more spacious inside than the rowhouse on N St., where the school has been for so long. Plus, the proximity to Volta Park will mean plenty of park time for the kids.

But it has a lot of challenges too. Nursery schools around Georgetown seems to attract lots of SUVs around drop off and pick up time. On N St. this is a difficult but manageable problem, but on Q St. it will be significantly more difficult to manage. Q St. has much more traffic than N St. and much of it is bus traffic. In fact, there’s a bus stop immediately in front of the building. A row of idling SUVs simply can’t fit. So the school will have to come up with some creative solution.

The school is planning to move in this September.


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