Comment Policy Change

GM has always favored a free flow of comments. While he’s been tempted at times to block irritating commenters, so long as the comment is not insulting to GM or others, or otherwise crosses some decorum line, GM leaves it in. So he regrets having to take a step to clamp down on the comment policy.

It’s not due to rude comments that GM is making a change. Rather, GM has been getting overloaded with spam comments recently. They’re supposed to be blocked, but too many are getting through. It means GM has to log in and manually delete them each time they come through.

As a temporary measure to address this problem, GM has switched to requiring commenters to log in first before leaving a comment. You can log in via Twitter or Facebook. Or if you’d like to remain anonymous, feel free to create a WordPress ID. Only that make up ID will appear.

GM will try this out for a couple weeks. It comments still flow, great. But either way, after a while he’ll go back to the old way and hope the spammers have moved on.


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  1. Believe me, on my blog I get TONS of spam comment, and I started moderating my comments two years ago, am much the happier for it.

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