Would You Pay $1 Million to Live in a Murder Scene?

The former home of Viola Drath, 3206 Q St., is now for sale for $995k. It’s a stately three bed room Victorian on a beautiful street.

It’s also the scene of her murder.

As you can see from the online tour, the interior appears to have been spruced up considerably. GM heard that when the house was occupied by Drath and her fabulist husband (and likely murderer), the interior was frighteningly dark and creepy. It looks like they addressed that particular problem.

But it is still and always will be the scene of a gruesome murder. Would you buy the house, knowing that?

Is there a murder-scene discount? Probably. The house right next door, that is pretty much the same, sold recently for $1.4 million. The house on the other side sold for over $1.2 million way back in 2005. So, for the right buyer with zero squeamishness, this is practically a steal.

The listing is offered by Nancy Taylor Bubes. Believe GM, if anyone can sell this house, it’s Nancy.



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2 responses to “Would You Pay $1 Million to Live in a Murder Scene?

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  2. Apparently, the answer is yes. The house is under contract.

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