Police Boat Gets Totally Out of Control, Sinks Boat

On Sunday, an MPD police boat performed a dramatic u-turn immediately next to the Washington Harbour in Georgetown. As you can see above, unfortunately for two docked boats, the u-turn was poorly executed.

Later the closer boat sunk (actually technically it turtled).

What the Hell was this cop thinking? The person who tipped this news to Gawker suggested that cops regularly tear away from Washington Harbour like this. GM has never seen that, although he doesn’t spend that much time down there. Even if they were responding to an urgent call, given the huge amount of kayakers, canoers, and paddle boaters, it’s scary to think anyone at all would be driving a boat like that.

With the explosion of non-motorized boating that has taken place from Jack’s Boathouse (which was all part of the plan) GM thinks it’s about time to consider prohibiting any motorized boats north of Washington Harbour (with the exception of motorboats used with the crew boats).

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