ANC Round Up: Ginkgo Love/Hate Edition

Ginkgo Season Not So Bad This Year

Last night, ANC2E met for its September session. As is the normal case after the August layoff, there were a lot of interesting topics discussed.

A Ginkgo By Any Other Name Would Still Smell the Same (Awful, That Is)

Almost two years ago, GM moved from R St. across from Montrose Park to 33rd St. Leaving the immediate confines of Montrose Park was a bit of a bummer; but what was not a bummer at all was getting away from the dreadful hive of Ginkgoes that populate that part of Georgetown.

GM’s prior commissioner and Cambridge St. resident, Charlie Eason, took the time to inform the crowd that you can get away from the Ginkgoes without having to move! The city runs a program where a block of residents can petition the Urban Foresty Administration to cut down one female Ginkgo on the block (males don’t produce the smelly fruit). If over 60% of the homeowners (not renters, apparently) sign a petition to take down a tree, the city will consider the application. The ANC then has 60 days to weigh in.

Eason said you either hate Ginkgoes or you love them. Or as GM would say: you either hate them or you should see an ENT doc about your failing sense of smell. (Yes, yes: the fall foliage is fantastic. But male Ginkgoes are just as nice.)

Harbor Police =/= Ordinary MPD

Lieutenant Hedgecock was on hand to discuss crime and safety issues. He started his presentation by making it clear that that idiot down at the waterfront was part of a totally different department of the Metropolitan Police.

Joking aside, he turned to the problem of burglaries that has plagued Georgetown this summer. The spike has mostly involved garages, which are often left unlocked or just plain open during the day. Hedgecock stated that the primary items stolen have been bikes. So make sure to lock up your garage, even during the day!

Finally, in response to a question from Commissioner Starrels, Hedgecock reiterated that if you need to reach the police call 911. Get over the taboo. It does not need to be an emergency. There is no non-emergency number to call. If they can’t address your problem they’ll redirect you, they won’t yell at you.


The ANC (and CAG and the Burleith Citizens Association) agree with GM: the decision to issue blanket visitor parking passes to the whole city is bad policy. (They didn’t call it idiotic like GM did, but you could tell they wanted to.) The ANC adopted a resolution calling DDOT to reconsider its plans and return to the discussions for a more tailored parking policy in neighborhoods like Georgetown.

Duke Ellington School

Ron Lewis gave a brief presentation on the status of planned renovations to Duke Ellington High School. Apparently the long planned project is finally moving forward with the selection of an architect. Some initial discussions have been had with the neighbors, but many are apparently unaware of the project.

The plans call for the construction of an 800 seat theater (GM’s not sure how large the current theater is, but from photos it looks like it’s somewhere more like 600-650 seats). The fears seem to be less about the school using the theater, but rather the possibility that it would start to be rented out, causing a more frequent conflict with traffic and parking. A smart transportation plan can address this (e.g. emphasizing transit, and making arrangements with GU for parking with shuttles).

Some residents of Burleith stood and expressed a concern over the project and the fact they had heard so little. Lewis assured them that there will be plenty of opportunity for public input as the project moves forward.

The Rest

GM had to get home early, but here are a couple more tidbits:

  • El Centro signed a new settlement agreement (what used to be called a voluntary agreement) and plans to open in the old Third Edition space any day now.


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