The Montrose Apartments On Sale

Hurt Home Becomes the Montrose


Construction on the Montrose (previously known as the Hurt Home condos) has been going on for a little over a year. But according to some relatively new real estate listings, most of the units are already claimed. And the remaining ones are pretty damn expensive.

The three listings are for a 2 BD/2.5 BR, 2 BD/3 BR, and a 3 BR/3.5 BR. And they range in price from $1.4 million to $2.4 million. They’re pretty big, though, with square footage ranging from 1,500 SQF to 2,500 SQF.

Earlier listings indicate that five other units were listed and are under contract. There are going to be 15 units, and the current listings state that only the six remain (which appears to include a few of the properties now under contract).

There are supposed to be a few subsidized units in the building set aside for policemen or teachers. If those were in deed created, they would probably not be listed through the normal process.

When this project was originally being proposed, GM heard much lower prices for the units, more in the high six figure range. Granted, this was never an officially announced price. But either way, it would be interesting to look back when the project is done just to determine whether the ridiculously low price of $450,000 which the city sold it for (you read that right) is justified.



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3 responses to “The Montrose Apartments On Sale

  1. qstreeter

    A few days ago I was doing a search for affordable housing in DC through the DC Housing and Development search engine ( I was surprised to see a couple of units at the Montrose come up. It’s listing a 3 bedroom/2 bath unit as $286,000 and a 1 bedroom for 220,000. There are income limits for the purchasers ($60-78,000) and the larger unit must be occupied by 3-6 people. Sounds like an interesting social experiment.

  2. Topher

    Thanks! That’s very interesting info. I guess there are two affordable units.

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