Bookstore Project Takes a Few Steps Forward

Old Georgetown Theater, Soon to Be Empty, Still For Sale


GM wrote a few weeks back about the community effort to bring a Politics and Prose branch to Georgetown. Nothing truly subtanstive has been announced, but the project took one small step forward last week when it set up a website.

The site is bare-bones right now, only containing a form to subscribe for email updates. But right now, it’s critical to get as many interested people roped-in and ready to be called upon when the time comes.

And community interest is definitely strong. When GM let it be known that anyone interested in helping out should reach out to him, he got more responses by far than he’s ever got to similar requests. Now you can cut out the middle man and go straight to the site and sign up yourself.

From what GM has learned, significant steps on this project will be taken sooner rather than later, so keep an ear out.

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