Some New Shops Announced

Georgetown Retail Openings off to Good Start


GM previewed the ANC meeting yesterday, but there were a few tidbits about new stores that didn’t make it in. Plus, GM is aware of some other openings. So here’s a brief roundup:

Goorin Bros. Hat Shop

GM mentioned this hipster hat shop last week, but now he knows the address: 1214 Wisconsin Ave. (the former location of Aerosoles). It’s a small little shop that hasn’t had a particularly attractive store front for a while. Hopefully the Goorin Bros. will spiff it up a bit.

Amina Rubinacci

Some store called Amina Rubinacci is apparently moving into 2822 Pennsylvania Ave., which previously housed Lorenzo Donna. It appears to be a women’s clothing shop, but GM is not certain of that.


Some shop named Pandora will take over 3213 M St., where Riccardi used to be. It’s probably this jewelry shop, although who knows, maybe it’s the Internet radio.


EGG, a children’s clothing store is going to replace the Magic Wardrobe, another children’s clothing store. The clothes seem about as fancy (and pricey) as Magic Wardobe’s. So it’s seems like a pretty even trade there.



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  1. Fantastic news about Goorin Bros coming to DC – and now I won’t have to order by mail and hope the sizing is right.

    I was at their flagship shop last year in San Fran and was talking to the owner about opening a location in DC – though I did say Dupont/Logan would be the ideal location. Glad to see it’s finally happening.

    They’re a great shop with high quality men’s – and women’s – hats and accessories. Hopefully they’ll do well in Georgetown!

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