Verizon Building Condos Go on Sale Soon



The condos in the building formerly known as the “Verizon Building” will be on sale soon, as detailed on the project’s website

The new name for the project is actually a rather old one: 1055 High. While “high” could be referencing many aspects of this property–not the least of which is the price–it almost certainly is a reference to the old name of Wisconsin Ave.: High St.

(Actually, that’s the old-old name. For a short while at the beginning of the 20th century the street was known as 32nd St.)

For such a large building, it will contain only seven units. Seven very large (3,300-4,300 sqf), very expensive ($3-$5 million) units.

GM’s only quibble: the sign identifies the project as a “once in a lifetime location”. What the hell does that mean?




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3 responses to “Verizon Building Condos Go on Sale Soon

  1. The original late-18th century name of today’s Wisconsin Avenue south of M Street was Water Street.

  2. Topher

    Ah, Jerry you’re right, as always. I didn’t realize the distinction between north of Bridge St and south (and looking back I realize that Bridge street changed its name to Falls St. at that intersection too!)

    It’s interesting that the road that was originally called “the Keys” became Water St. Funnily enough, EastBanc has another expensive condo on Water St. that puts that street address prominent in the building’s name.

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