What to Look Forward to in 2014

Despite sounding impossibly futuristic, 2014 is here. So what new things will come to Georgetown this year? While scarfing down the last of his Christmas cookies, GM put together this list of what he knows or thinks will arrive here this year. Add anything he missed in the comments!

Let’s Go Bowling

The Pinstripes bowling alley will be the first significant addition to the Georgetown neighborhood this year. It should be open by the end of January (the Concerts in the Park kick off party is scheduled to be there January 25th, so it definitely will be open by then).

Hopefully this will be an instantly popular venue for families. With a toddler with a winter birthday, GM expects to host at least a few of his daughter’s birthday’s here someday.

Filling in the Mall

Beyond Pinstripes, there are several large vacant spaces in the mall. This includes a space along M St. and at least one other restaurant venue (on the southwest corner). GM expects most of this space to be either filled or at least claimed by the end of the year.

Given the short term investment plan the mall’s owner (Angelo Gordon) typically has, GM suspects that the property will be back on the market either this year or next.

New Shops

A few new shops have already announced plans to open in Georgetown. They are:

  • Pandora: This jewelry shop will open where Riccardi used to be at 3213 M St.
  • Amina Rubinnaci: This Italian women’s clothing store will open where Lorenza Donna used to be at 2822 Pennsylvania Ave.
  • Sandro: This French women’s clothing shop will open with Redfire Grill Kabob used to be 3299 M St. (Yet another restaurant space replace by a clothing store!)
  • Calypso St. Barth: This clothing store/home furnishings shop was supposed to open somewhere in or around Cady’s Alley, but GM hasn’t heard anything about it recently. We’ll see.

Georgetown Theater

Robert Bell has ambitious plans for the decrepit old Georgetown Theater. He is still working through the approval process, and construction will take a while. But in interviews he has promised to fix the old neon sign using the original company that manufactured it in the 50s. Better yet, he promised to have it lit by the Fourth of July. Again, we’ll see…


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