After Peacock Room Retooling


It was only April when the long awaited After Peacock Room finally opened on P St. near 27th. Now there’s a sign in the door saying the restaurant is closing for most of the summer in order to “restructure” the kitchen and outdoor patio. The upside is that the restaurant will offer a full dinner menu when it reopens.

Obviously this doesn’t bode extremely well for the establishment. The reviews have been fairly good so far, so it’s not clear why the restructuring is needed. Opening a restaurant this deep into the neighborhood obviously carries risks and zero foot traffic, but that’s all the more reason more time is necessary for it to catch on.

Let’s hope it all works out well for the restaurant.

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One response to “After Peacock Room Retooling

  1. qstreeter

    I think they’re misreading their neighbors. They’re surrounded by several hundred modest apartments and condos. A typical coffeeshop/bakery (like Filter, Saxbys, even Baked and Wired) or restaurant with more modest prices would likely do very, very well there. I hope the restructuring will allow them to offer more “everyday” rather than just “special occasion” options.

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