Some Things Never Change

Ginkgo Season Not So Bad This Year

GM received a comment to an old post the other day that serves as a reminder that some things just never change:

I went to Jackson from Sep ’34 to Feb ’39. Had Miss Gaynor in 2nd; Miss Padget in 3rd; Miss Elizabeth Waddy in 4th; Miss Cumpston in 5th; and Miss Louise Waddy in 6th. They were all truly loving teachers. We played “pussy-in-the-corner” in the open gazebo across the street in Montrose Park, which was also great for sledding in the winter. Lots of memories, but one sticks still: the awful smell of the gingko fruit on 30th street in the Spring.

The gingko scourge runs deep in our history!

One thing is different. Nowadays there are no gingkoes on 30th St. (there are plenty on R St. and Avon outside the Jackson School).

Now what exactly is pussy-in-the-corner?


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