Circulator Meeting Next Week

Upset about how the proposed Circulator changes would negatively affect your commute? Unsure how you feel but want to hear more about it? Just really love the Circulator? If you said yes to any of these questions, you ought to come on out for the Semi-Annual Circulator Open House, which will conveniently be held at Pinstripes next Monday 6-8 pm.

Getting DDOT to hold this meeting in Georgetown in the first place is an achievement. So it’s critical that the voices of Georgetown be heard. Particularly on the question of breaking up the lines, as DDOT has proposed. These changes would take the current Georgetown to Union Station route and have it go no further than Wisconsin and M St. (instead of up to the Safeway). A new route would ply Wisconsin Ave. all the way up to the Cathedral, but it will only go so far east as McPherson.

GM would rather the extension up to the Cathedral simply be tacked on to the existing route. Frankly, the only reason it is getting created is to satisfy the political demands of Councilmember Mary Cheh. If she wants an extension that will undermine the frequency of the route, she ought to be willing to put up the money to make sure it doesn’t (without degrading Georgetown’s transit options).

But if that’s not possible, GM thinks a compromise to bring the new route east at least to Mt. Vernon Triangle would minimize the damage. If you agree come on out and let them know!

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  1. It’s bad enough they took the incoming Circulator service off M Street, now they want to take it off Wisconsin too? Clearly serving Georgetown residents is not their priority.

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