Circulator Changes Not Bad for Georgetown, at Least Not Yet

Last night, DDOT held an open house on the Circulator here in Georgetown at Pinstripes. GM was particularly interested to attend as he is unhappy with some of the proposed changes to the lines. The good news is that the changes won’t be bad as GM worried, at least not for a while.

In short, GM is worried about the proposal to chop up the Circulator line that currently goes through Georgetown. Under the plans GM was originally worried about, the line would be extended to National Cathedral and then split in two, with the National Cathedral leg traveling through Georgetown but only as far east as McPherson. The line from Union Station would still come to Georgetown, but only lower Georgetown. It would no longer head north of M St.

This would leave the vast majority of residential Georgetown with less transit access. But here’s the good news: the first round of expansions, which are scheduled for next year, will only include the extension up to the Cathedral. The rest of the Georgetown-to-Union Station route will remain the same.

DDOT considers the line splitting more of a long term plan that still needs to be fully thought through. So phew.

Now it should be said: if you agree generally with DDOT’s thinking, this extension could nonetheless be bad for Georgetown. While additional buses will be purchased to theoretically keep the same level of frequency for the whole line, extending the route has the potential to increase delays. This is why DDOT’s plan to split the line is not really unjustified. Shorter lines generally experience fewer delays.

Either way, it looks like we’ll have at least a few years to test out the new longer line. And before DDOT implements any split, we’ll all have a chance to weigh in on it.

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