Law That Would Block Gas Station Conversions Not Actually Law Yet UPDATE

Update: Actually it is the law now. Due to some legislative mechanics, it may have appeared that the bill died, but it was in fact adopted last Fall under Bill B20-70

Original Post:

Several weeks ago, GM reported on a new DC law that might impact the conversion of Georgetown gas stations to condos. Turns out that despite the Post reporting the law as passed, Washcycle astutely points out that the law wasn’t actually passed. It was introduced as a bill but died without a vote.

However, the bill was reintroduced this year, so it may still become law. Washcycle speculates that in fact the Georgetown gas stations were the impetus for the bill asserting that since Councilmember Jack Evans doesn’t want the Exxon at Q St. to close he proposed it.

But Evans didn’t propose the bill, Chairman Mendelson did. And GM has seen just as much speculation that it’s Mendelson trying to keep his preferred gas station around.

Either way, it’s a bad law. If you see a councilmember sulking around his or her favorite gas station, let them know it.

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  1. I don’t think it tells us anything that Mendelson introduced the bill. As originally introduced it was the “Boards and Commissions Reform Act of 2013” and didn’t even mention the GSAB. The GSAB part was added later.

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