Where Would You Like to See More Bikeshare Docks?

Photo by Jason Pier.

Where would you like to see more Bikeshare docks in Georgetown?

GM is part of an ad hoc group of residents, ANC members and BID employees organizing an effort to request some more docks in Georgetown. GM has some ideas of where new docks are needed, but it’s always good to have some more opinions. So where would you put three if you had the choice?

GM would probably pick these spots:

  • Rose Park (along P St.)
  • Georgetown Library
  • M St. near the Key Bridge

Any other ideas?



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6 responses to “Where Would You Like to See More Bikeshare Docks?

  1. bryantandassociates@juno.com

    Relocate the bike rack at 27th and Que Streets to Rose Park on P Street, as the current location doesn’t generate the high traffic/volume/interest one would expect.

    Barbara L. Bryant 1530 26th Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20007 BryantandAssociates@Juno.com

    Please note: message attached

  2. qstreeter

    So glad to hear this – on my to-do list for the summer was to launch a grassroots campaign to lobby hard for a station around Rose Park/Dumbarton House!!

    There is currently no Bikeshare rack at 27 and Q – it’s just a regular rack people can lock their own bikes to.
    As for Bikeshare racks, 27 & Q would be an excellent location – perhaps even better than Rose Park on P. There are many large apartment buildings within a block of 27 & Q. It’s exactly the right distance for bikeshare between other transit options and existing CaBi stations at Dupont Circle, Wisconsin Ave, Foggy Bottom (too close to warrant taking the bus or no direct bus, but a not-inconsequential walk). There are also several draws nearby – Dumbarton House (and even Dumbarton Oaks), Stachowskis. Rose Park on P St would also be a good location for filling in this bikeshare desert.

    I think the library (also convenient for Dumbarton Oaks) and near the Car Barn would be good locations. I had been thinking about Prospect St near the Car Barn, but M St would link better with the canal and waterfront (though might be seen as encouraging people to ride on either M St or on the sidewalks of M St, and I don’t know which of those would be a worse places to see CaBi riders!!).

  3. qstreeter

    And I’m sure you’ve seen it, but Capital Bikeshare has a crowdsourced map with suggested locations. You might be able to use that information to build a case for a particular location or demonstrate demand.

  4. Pablo Reklaw

    Volta Park would be a perfect location!

  5. 27th and Q would be a great location if there’s enough sun and space. As noted above, there are a number of the apartment buildings there (disclosure: I live in one of them), plus proximity to the P Street businesses and Dumbarton House. If that space does not fit with Capital Bikeshare parameters, then Rose Park.

    I also support the BID’s proposal to place a station at M Street near the Key Bridge. This would allow people to bike from Arlington and park on the edge of Georgetown instead of dealing with M Street traffic, and do the same thing to return. When I worked in Arlington, I would have definitely used this station to get closer to home in Georgetown and to Georgetown businesses.

  6. First priority stations, filling holes in the network, or high-demand areas:
    -27th and Q (replace or move the current bike rack) or 28th and P (the Stachowski’s corner). Not locating it directly at Rose Park could alleviate some Friends of Rose Park concerns about bike/pedestrian conflicts on the Rose Park path (even though widening that path might be a better solution to the issue).
    – The Car Barn/36th and Prospect
    – The Georgetown public library.

    Stations that I’d love to see GU push/pay for, on or adjacent to campus (I think there was something about this in the campus plan agreement). These would add to neighborhood connectivity, and encourage more use by students, which is a natural rebalancing asset:
    – 38th and Reservoir (access for Burleith/Hillandale, and for GU Hospital)
    – Outside of Leo’s (O’Donovan Dining Hall)
    – Leavey Center

    Lower priority, but still nice to have:
    – Key Bridge, or 33rd and M
    – Duke Ellington HS, after the renovation is complete. Good for students aged 16+, and for faculty and staff at Ellington and at WIS.
    – Potomac and Prospect (Booeymongers corner).

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