This is a Shame


Carine’s Bridal is renovating 1623 Wisconsin Ave. to house the wedding shop. This will finally bring the former Georgetown Cafe property back into service. But in renovating the building, they’ve painted previously unpainted brick white, and that’s a shame.

Everyone wants to see this property improved. It was in terrible shape even before Georgetown Cafe closed years ago. It’s only gotten worse since. It was great news came last year that Carine’s Bridal-a small Georgetown business-was buying the building to move in.

But there are only so many pristine unpainted historic buildings in Georgetown, and this was one of them:

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 8.47.05 PM

The woodwork was in terrible shape, no doubt, but the brick was in great shape. Despite the robust historic protection afforded by the Old Georgetown Board, there is very little protection for paint color. The only time protections come into play is when the property is covered by a conservation easement, like those held by the L’Enfant Trust or the Trust for Historic Preservation of Georgetown. But they don’t hold them on all buildings and this is not one of them.

When they’re done painting, this will no doubt be a beautiful building, as white as a bridal dress. But it will come at a cost to Georgetown’s history.


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2 responses to “This is a Shame

  1. That was NOT REAL BRICK! it was faux brick. I looked at purchasing this dump of a property, but the owner wanted way too much. I see they found someone to over pay for the property. Good luck!

  2. Topher

    Interesting. I guess that would explain why it was so smooth.

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