New Mural on P St.


There’s a beautiful new mural on P St. It’s on the side of the Just Paper & Tea at 3232 P St. It appears to be a woman drinking tea with a giant pencil on her back (presumably in keeping with the store’s wares).

GM noticed the artist spray painting the mural Sunday night, but was rushing to a birthday party and couldn’t inquire about it. It looks like the work of Aniekan Udofia but that’s just a guess.

Technically murals like this in Georgetown need to be approved by the Old Georgetown Board. And GM doesn’t remember this coming up for approval. But it would be a shame to take it down now. It’s beautiful, much like the other murals in Georgetown:

3500 block of O St.




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3 responses to “New Mural on P St.

  1. I lived on 1324 35th street from 1978 – 1982 and that Water Mural was there then. I have a picture of my younger brother standing by it in those days. Nice to know that it is still there!

  2. Did the CAG or ANC 2E have to approve this?

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