New Mural on Back of Martin’s

A new mural adorns the rear of the historic Martin’s Tavern. It is the work of Matt Corrado, and it features an artistic depiction of the historic Georgetown theater (the other buildings don’t quite match the true streetscape, but close enough).

The label at the bottom left of the mural indicates that it was made to celebrate small businesses in Georgetown. The label also sheds some light on why exactly the mural depicts a giant elk looming over Wisconsin Ave. It’s sponsored by The Hartford insurance company.

This is not the first time a big corporation has sponsored a small business-promoting mural in Georgetown. In 2015, American Express sponsored the mural on the side of Just Paper and Tea. Although Amex didn’t try to sneak in such a heavy handed and out of place branding like Hartford did. (Honestly, this new mural does seem basically like a billboard for the Hartford, which is not really allowed.)

Legal or not, this mural joins a growing family of bright murals in Georgetown. And to be fair, large billboards are actually consistent with Georgetown’s historical character! You can still see some faded signs for grocery stores like the A & P on some brick walls:


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