Somehow Georgetown Didn’t Already Have a Lilly Pulitzer

You’d think of all places, Georgetown would have a Lilly Pulitzer store. That oversight appears to be coming to an end soon. The ANC agenda indicates that a new Lilly Pulitzer is moving in.

From the agenda the address is 1079 1/2 Wisconsin Ave. GM’s not exactly sure what address this is. The Jack Wills store is at 1079 Wisconsin. The next building up the street is the old Nathans building. Is 1079 1/2 the second floor of the Jack Wills address? Part of the old Nathans building? We’ll see.

Anyway, soon looking like a vision of acid dropped at an 80s cocktail party will be steps away.



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4 responses to “Somehow Georgetown Didn’t Already Have a Lilly Pulitzer

  1. It’s not part of the Nathans building. While there are three buildings that come together to make the Nathans building, that’s not one of the addresses.

  2. Actually Sherman Pickney on Wisconsin Avenue has been selling Lilly Pulitzer items for years. Since Oxford Industries bought Lilly Pulitzer around 5 years ago, they have been opening corporate stores right and left. Up to 3 years ago, the DC area did not have a corporate LP store, and now the area has two corporate LP stores (soon to be three).

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