And the Pulitzer Goes…

….away. If you’re hoping to dress up like a pocket that was put in the laundry with a bunch of neon crayons in it, you’ll have to order online: the Lily Pulitzer store closed.

The store, which was located at 1079 Wisconsin, closed last week. Despite being very in keeping with the stylings of a lot of Georgetowners (and famously being the choice of Jackie Kennedy), the store only opened up here in 2016. GM is not aware of the reason for the closure, but it does follow recent store closures for the brand in Clarendon and Bethesda.

Perhaps it can be written up to Covid, or the challenges from the internet. Or maybe fewer people wanted to look like what would happen if a tab of LSD and a country club collab’d on a cocktail dress.

Fun fact: Lily Pulitzer was part of the journalist Pulitzers, at least by marriage. He husband was a grandson of Joseph Pulitzer.

GM will pass on any info he has on replacements when they emerge.


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