Georgetown Theater Sign Lit Again


Those around Georgetown for New Years were treated to a sight that has not appeared here in decades: the Georgetown Theater’s neon sign aglow. Architect and owner of the property, Robert Bell had promised that the sign would be lit on New Year’s, and so it was.

GM unfortunately missed the lighting of the sign and its glow at night, and only captured the shot above on New Year’s Day. And sadly, the sign was not lit up again on the subsequent nights or days. Obviously the interior still has much work left to be done, and perhaps Bell is waiting for a true grand opening before leaving the light on permanently.

GM only saw it during the day, but he was struck by how red it looked. He was expecting a more pinkish hue, like the sign had in the 80s:

Of course, this is a still from St. Elmo’s Fire, and perhaps it’s just an effect of the film processing that made the sign seem more rose colored. Either way, there’s a magic to neon light no matter the color and Bell has done a huge service to the community in restoring the sign to its former glory.


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  1. Too bad it is just a prop! Miss the movie house!

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