Not Exactly Learjet

At a November 2014 CAG public meeting, while discoursing on the future of Georgetown’s commercial district, Eastbanc President, Anthony Lanier, joked that he was hoping to land Learjet as the tenant of his new 1055 High condo building across the street from the meeting’s location at Pinstripes. He had just sold out the seven seven-figure units in barely over a week, all for cash. So it followed that he could “curate” the tenants for the two retail spaces in the building with the deep-pockets upstairs in mind. It hasn’t exactly gone as planned (or, at least, joked).

Both tenants were announced this week. The first is another in a long line a Georgetown-born businesses that aim for the national stage. It’s Tuckernuck, a preppy clothing purveyor. (The Post was the first to report it and wrote a nice article on the founders’ backstory.) The store, named after an island off Nantucket (*eye-roll*) was started by two Georgetown natives and a college friend. It’s been a strictly online company for three years, so this is its first brick-and-mortar location. They’ve got designs on wider expansions though. So, huzzah for another Georgetown-born and bred company making the big time!

With prices and styles in the J. Mclaughlin range, the store isn’t exactly Learjet, but it’s probably what Lanier had in mind for the space.

Which brings us to the other space. While GM received a glowing press release about Tuckernuck, he did not get one about the other one. Instead he gleaned it off the permit in the window. It’s going to be an AT&T store. That’s also not exactly Learjet. In fact, it’s exactly not Learjet. It’s the sort of blah tenant that slips in when a landlord is out of better options. Which is really surprising for this building and this landlord. Isn’t there anything else seven condo owners with apparently ready access to gobs of cash couldn’t support that would be better than the last place you can still actually buy a flip-phone?

Apparently not.

Tuckernuck will be nice though.


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  1. Off the “lear-jet” subject, but has there been any word at all about the old Neam’s market space?

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