Bo Blair Brings his Nantucket Fixation Actually to Nantucket

Georgetowner Bo Blair has had remarkable success over the last decade starting bars and restaurants in and around Georgetown, almost all of which sport a Nantucket theme. Starting with Smith Point in 2000 (named after Nantucket’s Smith’s Point), Blair found a winning strategy combining a restrictive guest list with the aspiration of an ACK bumper sticker. It was a perfect business plan for George W. Bush’s Washington.

Blair soon added more family-friendly spots with Foxhall’s Jetties (featuring sandwiches all named after Nantucket beaches) and Glover Park’s Surf Side (a Nantucket beach itself). [Both fantastic restaurant’s in GM’s opinion]

So long story short: Blair likes Nantucket. And now we’re about to find out if Nantucket likes Blair. He has just signed on to open a restaurant in the town of Madaket on the West End of the exclusive island. The restaurant will be called “Millie’s”, named after the regionally famous Madaket Millie, who looked like Mama Fratelli, but tougher:

It’s probably too much to wish for that Blair would seek symmetry and open a Georgetown-themed restaurant on Nantucket. But given Blair’s success, it raises a existential question: if a restaurant on Nantucket has a bunch of Nantucket references, doesn’t that make it a Georgetown-themed restaurant?



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6 responses to “Bo Blair Brings his Nantucket Fixation Actually to Nantucket

  1. I’ve always followed Bo’s success. Did you know he started out his commercial career as a paper boy for The Georgetowner newspaper? True story. A true Georgetown success story too.

  2. carol joynt

    …and his mother is a long-time Georgetowner. He dotes on her. He’s a good son.

  3. Allen Allgood

    Let’s hope Bo spends more time in Nantucket from now on, and takes his Smith Point fratboy douchebag crowd with him.

  4. No thanks. You can keep him.

  5. Could we please leave offensive language out of this forum? Otherwise, you will lose a lot of readers. Thank you.

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