Beware Fraudulent Contractors


A Georgetown resident reported last week to the CAG Public Safety group that a possibly fraudulent contractor may have targeted his house. The m.o. is similar to another scam GM has learned of from another neighbor.

What happened was a crew of workers showed up at the resident’s house stating that they were there to fix the roof and just needed access. The only adult home was the babysitter who didn’t let them in and called the homeowner. Since the homeowner was not expecting any contractors, he told her to turn them away.

The workers left a card, seen above. The phone number is out of service. GM found a listing for LBS Contractors that includes that same disconnected phone number.

This alone wouldn’t necessarily mean it was an attempted fraud, but for the fact that it sounds almost identical to another scam GM had learned of. A senior resident allowed a contractor who came door-to-door offering to fix her roof. After being charged for three different jobs on her roof nothing changed. They hadn’t actually done anything, but charged her nonetheless.

Long story short, if you need significant work done on your home, find a legitimate contractor, either through personal referrals, or a reliable service like Angie’s List. And if someone ever shows up at your house saying they’re there to fix something you’ve never heard of, don’t let them in. They could be legit (utilities like Pepco or Washington Gas sometimes show up to fix things you know nothing about) but a quick phone call to a trustworthy phone number should resolve the question.


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