Five Guys to Close


After 10+ years in Georgetown, the Five Guys is closing this Sunday. GM has heard rumors of this impending closure for at least a year, and the rumors picked up a lot more in the last couple days as the employees started informing the customers.

GM spoke with one of the employees who said that he believed that the lease was up and that the company was making a business decision to close. He (rightly) complained that the company, which more than likely has known about the closure for a long time, only informed its employees last week. He also said that they were all being let go and the company was making no attempt to find them positions at the millions of other Five Guy locations around DC. Booooo.

GM hopes they can get replacement jobs ASAP. As for the restaurant itself, GM can’t say he’s too sad that it’s going away. Honestly, GM just cannot eat that unhealthfully anymore (and seriously, who can?) And that building deserves something better than a cheap fast food chain. As most know, it hosted Au Pied de Cochon, the legendary if not infamous, French restaurant for 28 years. Throughout the 20th century it hosted a butcher, a millenary shop, a pet shop and other uses.

Sure some enterprising restauranteur can see the building’s lovely bones and bring a little of Au Pied de Cochon’s magic back?

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