Millennial Bait

3200 block of Grace St.

In the process of drafting the Georgetown 2028 report, the committee (on which GM served) was presented with data that demonstrated that despite the fact that the “millennials” were still relatively early in their careers, they carried huge buying power. And while Georgetown has always had some intrinsic appeal to younger generations, attracting this particular cohort is a particular challenge for Georgetown, especially considering how much competition for their dollars is sprouting up around town.

And don’t look now, but a mini-hub of stores and restaurants that practically screams “millennial bait” has sprung up in lower Georgetown. And in this case it appears that millennial women will be the primary target.

Just stop by Chaia Taco. Honestly, you should do that anyway. But also do it to take note how popular it has instantly become with 20-something women. Around the corner, the gym-cum-cult SoulCycle also shouts out a siren song to millennial women. And soon the openings of Tuckernuck and Lilly Pullitzer across the street will seal the deal. Don’t forget Dog Tag Bakery across the street, which doesn’t skew towards one group so much as the other places, but is great nonetheless.

Whether you like it or not (and frankly GM does; Chaia and Dog Tag are awesome) this is the future of Georgetown, if it’s going to thrive. While Georgetown has long attracted young crowds with clothing stores, it’s this symbiotic co-tenancy that will be needed to keep those crowds coming.


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