Where to Sled


A good blow of snow is in the forecast for this Friday. And if it is strong enough, you might be looking for a place to sled. But if you’re new to town, you might not know the best sledding hills. GM will help you out (at least for areas in and around Georgetown).

Probably the best location in Georgetown proper is the hill off the north side of Montrose Park (seen above). It’s fairly steep. The only tricky part is avoiding the giant tulip poplar that stands at the bottom of the hill. Steering ability is a must here.

The hill off of Reservoir Rd. just west of Georgetown Hospital also gets some use on snowy days. It’s not nearly as steep as the Montrose Park hill, but it’s much longer (if you can get your speed up).

For little tots, even the meager dips near the northwest corner of Volta Park can be enough. It may depend on the snow quality whether you’ll actually even get going at all there.

You didn’t hear it from GM, but the big hill next to Georgetown Visitation’s soccer field is very sledable. It should be said that they don’t actually let people use it. But, they’re Catholic so they’re much bigger on forgiveness than permission if you catch GM’s drift…

Beyond Georgetown, GM hears that Battery Kemble Park off Chain Bridge Rd. in Kent is a very popular spot.

Anyone have any other suggestions?

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  1. Alas, the hill in Montrose Park became popular with the kids 15-20 years ago and the result during the 11 months of the year when it is not covered by snow is a very large and very ugly bare scar caused by the erosion of that hill by all that sledding. A better bet and a much longer sled run (though perhaps not covered by snow as long) would be Lover’s Lane separating Montrose Park from Harvard’s Dumbarton Oaks Estate.

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