Georgetown Theater Canopy to be Full of Lightbulbs


Recently GM happened to notice that the restored canopy being installed at the old Georgetown Theater was full of lightbulb sockets (seen above). GM happened to pass architect Robert Bell another time and he confirmed that the underside of the canopy will be covered in lightbulbs. This will look spectacular.

That is the classic look for old movie houses, so it’s not really surprising that he’s bringing it back. But it’s exciting nonetheless.

GM doubts it will shimmer like this, but that’s the overall look it will go for:

GM can’t wait to see the project finished.


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One response to “Georgetown Theater Canopy to be Full of Lightbulbs

  1. Good for Mr. Bell — it is nice to see a developer honoring his commitments to the community. Now, if Sassan Gharai would do the same and put the historic preservation easement on the Alexander Memorial Church site on N Street that he promised CAG and the community, going on over a year and half ago, that would be another positive for development in Georgetown and good relations. We look forward to news of that, GM.

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