Sneakers to Replace Baguettes?

The ANC agenda for tonight was issued last week. And GM likes to peruse the agenda because it is often the first indication that a new store is coming to the neighborhood (since they need sign approvals). And this month’s agenda has that, but it may come at the expense of a longtime institution.

According to the agenda, the Philly-based high end sneaker store called UBIQ is seeking approval for a sign at 3124 M St. Sadly, that address is Bistro Francais’ address.

You might scoff at the idea of a high-end sneaker store, but if so, you’re out of step. Shoes have obviously always been a part of high fashion, and it just makes sense that casual athletic shoes would follow the path of wingtips. And it’s a quickly growing. In Georgetown we’ve already seen successful shops like Kick Spott generate cupcake-level lines with special releases.

But it would appear that it will come at the expense of Bistro Francais, which was cut in half last year. The family-owned restaurant has been open since 1975. If this does truly spell its closing, than it would mean the passing of yet another long serving restaurant into Georgetown’s past.


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  1. They must want to close since the landlord is the owner of the restaurant

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