Package Thief Hits Again


One of the aggravations of living in Georgetown is how often packages get stolen right off our front steps. It’s happened multiple times to GM. And this week he discovered that the same guy has done it at least twice.

Above is a shot from GM’s security cameras from Monday, seconds before this gentleman stepped up and took a package from GM’s front door. Here he is doing the deed:




GM instantly recognized him from the last time he caught someone on tape stealing a package. That time was last August:


Here’s the video of him taking the packages:

You can see that he was wearing all blue coveralls, which looked like some sort of a uniform.

GM called in the first theft to the police, and will call in the second one, once he gets a chance. GM would have to guess this guy has hit other houses as well. Anyone recognize him?


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  1. There is another package thief in G Town. Our block captain in the 3100 block of N St. posted to our residents last week, a man described as an older, black gentlemen who sometimes does windows or washes cars, about 5′ 9″, medium build, with very gray or white hair who goes by the name of John or James. He could be preying on blocks other than those of N St. Be on the lookout. C

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