The BID Adds a ParasolShare System, No, Seriously

This summer, the Georgetown BID is introducing a new “ParasolShare” system. Seriously. Think bikeshare, but with umbrellas. The idea is that you can pick up a parasol from a long list of stores throughout Georgetown, use it as you shop, and then drop it off before you leave.

It’s a crazy idea, but it kinda makes sense. They will get a ton of attention, draw people into shops, and help shoppers beat the heat. This is what the BID has to say about it:

Nearly 50 participating Georgetown stores, restaurants, salons, galleries and hotels are hosting Georgetown ParasolShare parasols starting June 17, which are complimentary to use while visiting the commercial district.  Pick one up as you shop and stroll, then drop it back off when it’s time to roll!

Share your ParasolShare experience on Instagram@OfficialGeorgetownDC, #GeorgetownParasolShare #BeatTheHeat

Will people steal the parasols? Probably some will, but who is really itching to take home a Georgetown BID-themed parasol? The BID has had success with a similar program where they left chairs and tables around the neighborhood. Some probably have disappeared but most are still around. The same will probably happen with the parasols.

Just think, someday you might be able to ride a gondola, pick up a parasol, and go shopping. THE FUTURE!!


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