How Georgetown Voted

Photo by Jacquesofalltrades.

Last Tuesday was primary voting day for DC. Turnout across the city was fairly low at 21%, but it was even worse in Georgetown. Only 16% of Georgetowners eligible to vote in the primaries (i.e. Democrats, Republicans, or Statehood Greens) voted. Perhaps it was because the Democratic primary was already settled and Jack Evans ran unopposed, but that’s a pretty bad turnout.

Either way, here’s how Georgetown voted:

Democratic Presidential Primary:

Georgetown was not feeling the Bern. It voted 895 to 234 for Hillary Clinton. There were eleven write-in votes and two for whoever “Rocky” Roque De La Fuente is.

Democratic At-Large DC Council:

This was really the only competitive race that Georgetowners got to vote in. And their votes went pretty much the same way the citywide votes went. Robert White got the most votes at 371, with longterm incumbent Vincent Orange trailing right behind at 326 votes. David Garber came in third with a respectable 263 votes.

Republicans and Statehood Greens:

There were literally zero competitive races for the Republican and Statehood Green parties. Nonetheless 49 Republicans and 2 Statehood Greens came out and voted. You are truly a patriotic bunch! GM salutes you!


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