Why Did the Subway Cross the Street?


Rents, probably.

GM just noticed this, but the Subway at M and Potomac is closed. Apparently it’s been closed for several weeks. The Georgetowner previously reported that the restaurant was going to move across the street into the old Capitol Prague space.

While GM would love to see a more sit-down type restaurant take that space, the reality is that Subway is one of the few remaining cheap food options on M St. Sure it’s a blah national chain with mediocre food, but there’s a place for that.

As a side note, much like the departure of Mr. Smith’s, the departure of Subway from this location has revealed elegant architectural features that were too long hidden by an awning. Let’s hope it remains uncovered.



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3 responses to “Why Did the Subway Cross the Street?

  1. What app do you use to produce these square photos? I like the border and filter.

  2. Any idea on what’s going to take its place?

  3. Topher


    No idea.

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