Come See What K St. Could Be

K St. and Water St. underneath the Whitehurst is pretty bad. It’s poorly designed, way too wide at parts, and too many users don’t follow the laws when on it. It could be so much better. And a BID-organized working group of representatives from the Citizens Association, the ANC, the various affected condominiums, and the boathouses has been formed to help come up with a plan that can help the street reach its potential. (Disclaimer: GM is on this group as a representative of CAG). And now the group wants your input too.

There will be a public meeting this Saturday at 10:00 am at the Waterfront Park. There will be a Q & A session, and a walking tour of the street to discuss the problems and potential solutions.

GM has seen the preliminary proposals that Toole Design has produced for the working group. And they are fantastic. It would call for the creation of a new separated bike path along the south side of Water St. and K St. It would also create a new turnaround at Water St. and 34th to discourage cars from driving west simply to find free parking (which would be removed anyway).

But there’s still time for additional or different suggestions. So come on down and offer your thoughts on what’s wrong with the street and how it could be better.



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2 responses to “Come See What K St. Could Be

  1. Please suggest a playground across from Malmaison. It would bring some life to that area.

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