Even After Tuesday’s Storm, We Need to Water the Street Trees

(Ed. Note: GM wrote and scheduled this post last night before this morning’s storm. Watering is now probably optional for this week. But the underlying message is still the same: one heavy and quick rain storm isn’t enough for trees.)

It rained Tuesday night. It rained a lot. But despite the fact that the streets were flooded, we still need to water our young street trees.

Young trees need 25 gallons a week. While an inch of rain is a lot of water. That’s 2/3 of a gallon falling in every square foot. But most of it washes right down the storm drains. The ground only absorbs a fraction of that.

So this weekend, if you have a young tree outside your home, run a trickle of water from a hose for about 20 minutes. That should be enough.

A little love now will be returned to you in spades by a healthy thriving tree.


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