Now and a Long Time Ago: Georgetown Gatehouses

Georgetown Gate Houses

This week on Now and a Long Time Ago, GM returns to the Willard R. Ross postcard collection and finds one of the Georgetown University gatehouses.

It’s unclear exactly when this postcard is from. But given the era of the other postcards in the collection, it is probably from the 1920s. The gate houses are about twice as large as the present ones and are much closer together.

GM tried to find some mention in the newspapers of when the old structures were replaced, but came up empty. He’s fairly certain that at the time of the postcard, the campus was far less open that it is today, with students kept in and visitors kept out at much higher rates. And more secure gatehouses would fit that bill. But again, that’s just speculation.

You cannot see the John Carrol statue in the postcard. But since it was built and installed in 1912, it is likely just hidden by the southern gatehouse.


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