ANC Candidates Signal Their Interest

ANC Round Up: Kissing Up Edition

As you probably know, this is an election year. As you probably don’t know (because you’re normal) this is also an election year that ANC commissioners are voted on. And this week was when the candidates can first pick up their petititions.

According to the list released by the Board of Elections, so far three candidates have picked up petitions for ANC2E: Bill Starrels (who’s been on the commission since the dawn of time), and two students Mara Goldman and Zachary Schroepfer. 

GM has been informed that long time ANC commissioner Tom Birch is not going to seek reelection this fall. This will be a big loss to the commission. Tom brings an incredibly valuable perspective to the table and is one of the funnier commissioners to boot. So far no possible replacement has picked up a petition.


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  1. What about Ed Solomon? He’s the best commissioner Georgetown ANC2E has.

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