Small Hotel, Big Pricetag

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 8.53.32 PM

On P St., in the building of a former law firm tucked away near Rose Park, a new hotel has recently opened. It’s called the Avery. It’s a tiny little boutique hotel, but wowzers, it is really expensive.

The hotel offers 8 rooms. And the rates range from around $250 a night for a small room with a Queen sized bed up to over $700 for a suite. Per night!

In fairness, GM checked the fanciest hotels in Georgetown (i.e. Four Seasons, Rosewood) for a similar random Tuesday in October and the rate started at $600 and went much, much higher. The Georgetown Inn and the Graham, however, offered rooms more in the $200 to $300 range.

Can a tiny hotel offering only a handful of amenities really get by charging that much? Well if you go by online review, they seem to be doing pretty well. Tripadvisor has 29 reviews and they are all 5 out of 5 stars with raving comments. It’s slightly suspicious that a hotel that has only been open a few months has so many uniformly great reviews, but honestly they seem legit.

If this hotel is really doing so well with such a well healed crowd, hopefully a new restauranteur will move into the former After Peacock Room next door and take advantage of the steady stream of potential customers.


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