Now and a Long Time Ago: St. John’s

St. Johns

This week on Now and Long Time Ago, GM visits St. John’s Episcopal Church on O St. GM found a postcard selling on Ebay with the old photo on it.

St. John’s was originally built around 1804. But it underwent a significant redesign in 1870. This is the style you can see in this photo, which GM would classify as Italianate. The rectory, which is the building on the left, was built in 1875 and sports a Second Empire style.

It’s not clear exactly when this photo was taken, but it was definitely before 1924, when the current belfry was constructed. Moreover, it does not appear that the massive rock that now stands at the northwest corner of the property is in the photo. That rock was placed there in 1910 to honor one of the founders of Georgetown, Ninian Beall. (Within the last 30 years, the plaque honoring Beall was replaced by a plaque describing the church itself. The Beall plaque was moved to the side of the church, where it remains.)

So this photo is probably from around the turn of the century.


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  1. Mr. Peabody would greatly appreciate this ebay item as a donation!

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