Water Your Trees!

As you surely know, it’s crazy hot this week! And while we’re all comfortably ensconced in air conditioned homes and offices, our poor street trees are baking away without relief. Even the brief showers we were promised last night–which would not have even been enough–evaporated before they got here. So please, listen to Casey Trees, and water your trees.

This is especially true for any tree on your block that has been planted within the last three years. Their roots aren’t nearly deep enough to reach whatever stores of moisture the soil still has. Too many trees get planted in Georgetown only to die within a year or two because nobody watered it.

But it is also true for fully mature trees. Extended periods of heat and drought can stress even large trees with deep roots. Mature maples are dying all over Georgetown, not because of a blight but because how much hotter our summers have become. Soaking them with a nice long drink on a week like this will help keep these beautiful specimens alive as long as possible.

So get out your hoses, or if you don’t have a hose, ask a neighbor who does, and give your trees a break!


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  1. Betsy

    Thank you, Topher! I have forwarded to Georgetown Forum!

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